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Energy Saving
Saving energy from cost savings and sustainability.
Optimizing your machine and installation results in a longer service life and less energy consumption. Due to the longer life span, you get a higher productivity and less maintenance costs.

A correct selection of your machine results in:
  • Expanded lifespan
  • Less maintenance moments
  • Lower energy costs
Laser Alignment
Proper laser alignment contributes to high cost savings. This extends the life of the machine, but also saves energy.

Temperatures are very important in industrial processes, thermography makes heat visible. A thermal camera converts the infrared radiation of the machine into a visual image. The production process itself can be optimized by the use of these thermal images.

High Performance Motors
Since 2011, new legal requirements have been set for the efficiency of an electric motor, by indicating the efficiency level with IE, International Efficiency. The higher the figure behind 'IE', the higher the efficiency of the electric motor. However, the user also benefits from the use of high efficiency motors, the production process is optimized and a lot of energy is saved. Pro Rotating looks together with the customer for the right application for their process.
Frequency Controllers
Using frequency controllers causes the pump to run at the correct operating point, which reduces wear on the pump and optimizes performance.
Pro-active maintenance
This is a strategy to ensure that certain costs can be saved on the long term period. Below you'll find information on Pro-Active Maintenance in the PowerPoint about this subject.

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