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Condition Monitoring
Improve your installation or machine.
The Pro Rotating service engineers are at your service to assist you in identifying the requirements for the maintenance of your industrial installations.

One-off performance, usually in the form of malfunction analysis and troubleshooting, will lead to an improvement in the installation. These improvements to the installation may include balancing, aligning, bearing audit, as well as modification for improvement to prevent recurrence of malfunction.
Vibration Measurement - Conformance Check
Condition Monitoring Conformance Check shows a brief but powerful image of the condition of your machine and installation. If the measurement points are green, no further measurements are required. In all other cases, it is possible to determine the cause of the elevated level by means of a Spectrum Analysis, FTF.
The correct balance of the blower eliminates the risk of imbalance (vibration) damage, which increases the service life and eliminates unnecessary stagnation and costs. Balancing the blower is also important for safety and can reduce noise levels.
Spectrum Analysis - FTF
Spectrum analysis is a measurement method with which specific mechanical errors can be detected.
Through the Spectrum, FTF, one or more spectra per survey is viewed. The following specific mechanical failures can be found in each measurement assignment (imbalance, alignment error, engine and gear wheel, bearing damage, etc.).

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