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ISO, VCA, ATEX Certification
ISO 9001, ISO 14001*, VCA and ATEX certified.

Quality and VGM policy

1. The quality and safety policies of the managing directors of Pro Rotating is aimed on the fact that the activities are done in a responsible way towards climate. It also has to be effective, safe and economical. It is very important that Pro Rotating can meet the agreed demands and expectations of the customer.

2. The managing directors of Pro Rotating see the quality and safety policies as part of their business management. This way Pro Rotating can completely meet the set demands of the customer.

3.  The quality and safety system according to ISO 9001- and VCA-norm has been set up to ensure that:
  • The way of business is clear and written down.
  • The working conditions and welfare of the employees are settled in the law and are kept to a high level.
  • Accidents and personal injuries will be prevented.
  • Material and climate damage will be prevented.
  • The safety of third party members will be maintained.
  • Pro Rotating will handle ground, help and waste particles in a responsible way.
  • The demands of the customer will be optimally met.
  • There will be worked towards constant improvement.
  • After being away from work for a while (absenteeism), employees will be re-integrated as soon as possible in the working process. If modified work is the solution to this, Pro Rotating will be stimulated to do this as much as possible.
  • The absenteeism will be minimilised.
  • Temporary employees will be instructed about VGM-notions before they start work.

4.  This statement of policy will be reviewed by the managing directors for continuing suitability. The statement of policy will be handed out to the employees.

Environmental policy
Pro Rotating wants to prevent negative effects of business processes to the environmente. An adequate environmental policy is absolutely necessary. The environmental policy of Pro Rotating will be the following:

  • Controlling the environmental aspects in all processes within Pro Rotating must become an integral part of proces descriptions and working instructions from the management system.
  • Pro Rotating has to work towards the continuing improvement of environmental preformances of Pro Rotating. Reviewing of the proces will be done through the results of audits, measurements and researches.
  • The employees need to work in a environmentally friendly way within the organization. The set rules in the environmental laws give Pro Rotating a framed way of handling situations, in which everything has to be done.
  • When technology can make it possible to move to a less environmentally taxing resources or other sources, Pro Rotating will move towards better resources. The condition to this rule is that it can't have a negative effect on the whole process or the product that Pro Rotating delivers. Finally, applying a new kind of resource or other source must be economically possible for Pro Rotating to move towards it.

Assumptions for formulating of environmental goals are:
  1. Delivering products and servies that came to be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  2. We strive to continuing improvement of the way we deliver products and services in relation to environmental taxes. This will be done to control the environmental risk on the one side, and on the other side to initiate new developments.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001*
*ISO 14001 is applicable for Groningen.
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