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About us
Pro Rotating B.V. has all the knowledge of pumps, gearboxes, fans, mechanical seals, vibration measurements, balancing and laser alignment. The work is carried out by experienced and highly trained service specialists. Our specialists are trained to provide advice on site or to make an inventory on which an optimal advice can be given to the customer.

Optimizing is more important than just repairing.

Pro Rotating has been certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001* and VCA and as regards explosion safety, Atex, by Dekra. Pro Rotating has several locations and workshops in the Netherlands. Pro Rotating has a highly experienced team of Rotating Equipment specialists. Pro Rotating is active in all market segments where Rotating Equipment is used and therefore has a very broad knowledge and experience.

Pro Rotating currently has 45 employees working from Rotterdam and Groningen. The Pro Rotating team has a lot of experience in advising, maintaining and revising Rotating Equipment.
Various specialists have previously worked for Gérard Services BV. One of the people with this experience is Rob Gérard with the following history:

Gérard Services BV
In 1994, Rob Gérard started with a company in advice and sales of shaft seals in his attic. Due to the enormous demand, his attic room was soon changed for a company premises in Meppel to add revision and delivery of pumps to its activities. In the years after, the company experienced a significant growth in size and activities. Several offices were opened. The company specialized in the supply of new pumps, electric motors and shaft seals and acquired official distributorships. The service and audit department was expanded with a department aimed at improving maintenance by condition monitoring.

After various collaborations and acquisitions, Rob Gérard switched to the Oil & Gas industry, focusing in particular on re-activating oil and gas resources. In addition, Rob Gérard had been active for Maintenance Partners for the last 2 years, where he was responsible for the contracts and sales department in Belgium.

Pro Rotating BV has been growing since its inception in 2013. Among other things, through the acquisition of Maintenance Partners in Rotterdam. This was formerly an ABB Service Workshop, where they specialize in service, maintenance and revision of electric motors.

Pro Rotating has a highly experienced Rotating Equipment team in all market segments.
Pro Rotating is currently based in Rotterdam, Groningen and Amsterdam.

*ISO 14001 is applicable for Groningen.
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